Cooperation with foreign Law Firms

As an independent law firm we are the ideal partner for cross border cooperation.

Unlike international multi-office firms there is no threat of impingement on your client relation in your home market. 

We work for you and your clients reliably and efficiently. By working in several languages we are able to react quickly and avoid the delays and costs that result from translation and localization. 

Since we are familiar with several jurisdictions we understand your, and your client’s, approach to the case. 

Claim collection/ representation in court cases

We can collect your client’s claims in court and foreclose execution titles from your country in Poland.

We can represent your client as a defendant in the event he has been sued in Poland. Since deadlines for reply to plaintiffs’ statements of claim are often short, immediate action is paramount. We act efficiently under time pressure to safeguard the rights and interests of our clients. 

Legal opinions/inquiries on Polish law

We prepare reliable legal opinions on matters pertaining to Polish law. We prepare certificates of good standing on Polish companies. 

Should you have a preliminary question on Polish legal issues, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Drafting agreement/Examination of multi-jurisdictional template contracts

We assist your client in the process of drafting and negotiation agreements with Polish partners. 

In the event your client uses template contracts for several jurisdictions we will verify their compatibility with Polish law. 

Due diligence/multi-jurisdictional transactions

We are the ideal partners for international transactions involving Polish companies or matters pertaining to Polish law. 

We carry out due diligence of the Polish target company and advise in all relevant fields of law ranging from company law to labor law, including banking and real estate law.