Criminal Law – White-Collar Crime

We represent numerous victims of white-collar crime.

Companies suffering financial losses from embezzlement of funds or assets, fraud, or theft by business partners or employees often face a network of individuals dissimulating the true causes of the losses. 

Quite often, clarification of the circumstances can be achieved only through the initiation of criminal proceedings, since the law enforcement authorities have a wider range of means to retrieve and secure evidence. However, to begin an investigation and prosecution, the victim needs to provide law enforcement authorities with sufficient information to justify an initial hunch.

We assist our client in conducting the required internal investigations and/or forensic audits aimed at retrieving crucial information about any crimes committed.

In the next step we prepare a concise criminal notice presenting the facts and evidence that have been retrieved to the law enforcement authorities in charge. Thus, we assure that the law enforcement authorities initiate without delay their investigation aimed at indictment and sentencing of the culprits. 

We assist our client with the status of the damaged party during preliminary investigations and in the court trial against the culprits.

During the criminal trial we file on behalf of the damaged party for the sentencing of the offenders in order to repair the financial damage suffered by the victim. This sentencing, which will be handed down along with the punishment, can be converted into an enforceable civil law execution title. Said title can be executed even in other EU countries. Thus, we enable our client to obtain financial compensation for his losses from the offenders without instituting lengthy civil law court proceedings with an uncertain outcome.