We litigate for our clients in all branches and instances of the Polish court system and the EU courts.

The longstanding court practice of our lawyers, along with their concise and reliable communication with our clients, has enabled us to prevail in most of the court cases with which we have been entrusted.

Our lawyers act successfully in proceedings pertaining to:

  • Civil law matters
  • Criminal law matters
  • Labor law matters
  • Administrative matters
  • Tax matters

 In civil law proceedings in Poland the defendant typically has little time to prepare and file the statement of defense. Statements of fact or evidence presented at later stages of the proceedings maybe precluded and, therefore, will not be taken into account by the court. 

We assist the defendant in preparing an exhaustive statement of defense even under tight deadlines.

Another unusual characteristic of the Polish court systems are expert opinions. These opinions tend to be based on assumptions rather than on accurate fact finding. Their findings are sometimes surprising and they can be a random but decisive factor for the outcome of a law suit. Thanks to our longstanding court practice we have the experience to deal with such opinions and the opinion making process.