Criminal Law – Defense Counsel

We act as defense counsels for the accused both during preliminary investigation proceedings and in criminal court trial.

Even the mere initiation of criminal proceedings can have dramatic consequences for the accused: his reputation, his freedom, and his assets. As a foreigner the accused may be even more helpless if he lacks command of the Polish language.

Several of our lawyers specialize in the field of criminal defense. 

Due to their excellent command of English, German, and/or French language, they can assure that proceedings become transparent to the client, and that the client’s defense will be transmitted to the law enforcement authorities in an undistorted manner. The latter unfortunately is rarely the case when the communication between the court and the accused is through translators hired by the court only. 

Due to this, we urgently recommend instructing a defense counsel from the earliest phase of the investigation proceedings. The sooner a defense strategy can be chosen, the more likely there is to be a discontinuation of the criminal proceedings or for an acquittal to be achieved.

We can be contacted 24h/7 to assist you in criminal matters.